Quality, material and ranges of game mat. 


The mouse pad, the best material and support for your games.

Resistant and waterproof, practical and easy to store, it's the best solution to decorate your tables. Represent the terrain on which to deploy your figurines and place the scenery elements. Add to your scenarios much more impact!

The table mats are in neoprene and jersey (or "mouse pad or mousepad"), they are 3mm thick, do not deform. They are heavy enough not to move and not warp.

The print is matte to avoid any reflections, which will be perfect for your photos, videos and battle reports. The dice that roll over it make an ultra-smooth sound. No more awful sound of dice bouncing on a table or a plastic decoration.

The miniatures slide perfectly on the battlefield and it's "A crazy thing".

In addition, all our mats are sold with their very resistant transport bag.





Our "Scenery" Playmats 


Designed for all fans of wargames and FLUFF, our SCENERY game mats will enhance the immersive aspect of your scenarios.

These mats represent terrains, battlefields or war zones, whether Urban, Industrial or Natural, this range is made for more casual players (like us) and more access to the history of their battle. 


"Neutral" play mats


Range "goes everywhere", the NEUTRAL series (neutral therefore) will make coffee very well for all types of players or parties. Whether you are competitive or hyper casaul, here you can place your scenery elements as you see fit!

Whether it's a WWII type war game, Futuristic War like Warhammer 40000, or a zombie game or fantasy battles on a frozen planet, we at Crank Wargame have the game mat you need. have to.




Dull Battles with lairs for everyone!

Some (and soon all) of our mats contain a minimum of lair to facilitate the setting up and deployment of your games and tournaments.

The minimum lair you will find on these mats are 9, which mark the center of the mat, as well as the center of each side, and finally they are all 44' and 60' apart, which defines the war zone for your games of WH40K V9 at 2000 points.



A format and marking for competitive WH40K players

A 40K marking, according to the areas of deployment of the competitions: ETC, WTC, IR, M&C as well as all warhammer 40000 tournaments.

You will find here skulls to link in order to facilitate your deployment, in the 9 existing deployment diagrams for your competitions and events.







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