BATTLE MATS / Mats for Games Workshop games

Unfortunately we do not do custom sizing or printing on demand and/or cutting.


No. All sizes are available on the site, i.e.: 3'x3' = 91.5x91.5cm 4'x4' = 122x122cm 6'x4' = 183x122cm 60"x44" = 152x112cm

The sizes of our game mats respect English standards:
- 6'x4' = 183cm / 122cm
- 4'x4' = 122cm / 122cm
However, this may differ slightly during manufacture.
Indeed, the manufacturing processes can cause small imbalances in the dimensions. This is due to the flexibility of the materials.
Neoprene and jersey are printed and cut hot at the factory. Stretching machines can generate a loss of a few millimeters to 1 centimeter.

We do our best to ensure that the sizes are respected. 

Since June 2020 you will find our products in a few shops in the South-East of France. Our establishment throughout France should be done over time.

We do not print on demand. The available products are all present on the site.


Warhammer 40000 and age of sigmar accessories


Unfortunately not, our tactical lenses are 6 inches in diameter while the V9 recommends 6 inches + 40mm.


Manufacturing was started before V9 was announced and we couldn't change that.


- For some of our customers, casual players, this is not a problem, and moreover there are solutions at (V8 > V9 adapters).

- On the other hand for some other players, the most competitive, this will be a problem because he will miss 40mm.


Basically they are perfectly usable depending on your positioning with respect to the game. 



You just need to contact us by email directly with all the information necessary to establish a quote. We have a specific offer for associations and pros. For information, shipping costs are always the responsibility of the customer.

Either the offer or the partnership has ended, or there is already a promo on the site that we have defined as "priority" to any other promo code.

Indeed the promo codes are not cumulative between them, nor cumulative with a direct offer of the site.

Finally, a direct promo will always take priority over partner promos.





The amount of the shipping costs is that given by the carrier (post office, tnt, ups etc…). These are therefore their actual prices, moreover you should know that our packages are out of standard, they measure nearly 127cm x 11cm x 11cm, and weigh about 5 kilos.

Some people do not have a Mondial Relay near them, so you have to have multiple options (UPS, FEDEX, La POSTE, POINT RELAIS, etc.) You should know that in our shop, everything is automated and connected to carriers . This means that if UPS or Mondial Relay is not offered to you, it is because THEIR configuration at time T does not allow it for X or Y reason and in this case we cannot do anything about it.




The creation and manufacture of custom rugs includes:

1 - graphic design

2 - manufacturing

3 - door to door delivery.


The minimum order is 24 mats. The time from creation of the visual to delivery to you is 4 months.

You wish to have a quote, contact us.






Free delivery in France

We offer delivery
from 140€ in France.

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