1. Catchy title: "Discover the winning strategies for playing 3 players in the 1000 point format of Warhammer 40,000!"
  2. Main Image: A high-quality image of a 3-player game of Warhammer 40,000 running to show gameplay.
  3. Introduction: A short introduction on why playing with 3 players can be more fun and challenging than playing with 2 players, and how this landing page will help you maximize your gaming experience.
  4. Basic Tips: A list of basic tips for playing with 3 players, such as effective communication, coordinating tactics, and taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of different armies.
  5. Advanced Strategies: A list of more advanced strategies to maximize the chances of winning, such as goal management, resource management, and taking into account the vagaries of the game.
  6. Experienced Player Testimonials: Quotes and images from experienced players who have used these strategies to win 3-player games, with comments on the results they achieved.
  7. Call to action: A clear and visible button to download a free guide or to enroll in an online course that goes deeper into the strategies mentioned in the landing page.
  8. Contact Information: An email address or phone number for players who have questions about strategies or want to share their gaming experience.
  9. Social media sharing buttons: Buttons to share the landing page on social media, to encourage visitors to share the offer with their friends and family.

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